Special Meeting of the Executive Board


Wilmington, VT

June 27, 2017

Executive Board Members Present:             Jan Ameen,, Vice Chairman/Acting Chairman: Michelle Cherrier, Chairman, Personnel and Policy Committee; Merrill Mundell, Chairman, Finance Committee.

Staff          WSWMD Staff Present: Bob Spencer, Executive Director; Vicki Hayes, Admin/Bookkeeper.

Other         Others Present: Keith Bronson, Chairman; Allan Twitchell, Vice Chairman; Greg Brown; Karl Twitchell; Robin Kingsley -Town of Whitingham Selectboard, Gig Zboray, Alternate Supervisor, Whitingham.

The meeting was called to order at 6:30PM by Jan Ameen

1. Changes and or additions to the agenda-None           

2. Introductions - Parties at the table introduced themselves.

3. Discuss Whitingham’s Concern Regarding WSWMD Service and Letters Addressed to Supervisors February 1st and April 13th - Ms. Ameen opened the discussion regarding the issue of poor service for recycling collection, and the perceived disrespect by WSWMD staff. Ms. Ameen reviewed a two-year recap of collection service, which showed that 91% of calls were serviced within two business days. Also discussed were future operations of the District and current financials in comparison to other districts.

4. Discuss Whitingham Quarterly Unpaid Assessments - The selectboard explained their reasons for withholding payment, and presented a check for the full amount due without penalties and interest. Ms. Ameen commented that it was up to the Board of Supervisors to decide if interest and penalties will be assessed.

5. Executive Session- None

6. Other Business as Legally Allowed-  Ms. Ameen invited the board to let the District know what they are looking for from the District going forward. There was some discussion regarding the differences in Towns and needed services.

7. Adjournment- Motion was made, seconded and carried to adjourn the meeting at 7:32PM.

Vicki Hayes