Materials Accepted at WSWMD Transfer Station

The following table lists many of the items accepted at the WSWMD Transfer Station and their cost, if applicable (items with an *(asterisk) are banned from landfill disposal - they must be brought to WSWMD and kept separate from household trash:


Cost: $1.00 for every transaction plus the following fees:

Prices are subject to change without notice.
(We try to keep this page up-to-date
but sometimes miss a price change)

Answering machines* $5 each

Appliances* (without freon)

Appliances* (with freon)

$10 each

$15 each

Batteries - auto lead acid* $5 each

Batteries - rechargeable, NiCad, lithium, button cell*

(Note: alkaline manganese and carbon zinc batteries can be brought to WSWMD or put in your household trash)

No charge
Batteries - larger than lantern (e.g. electric fence)* $3 each
Ballasts with PCBs* $6 each
Ballasts without PCBs* $3 each
Bicycles No charge - first choice is the reuse bike shed near the Swap Shop, second choice is the scrap metal container
Charging Cable (e.g. cell phones, laptops, ect.) Free
Christmas trees

Free seasonally - from Dec. 26 - Jan. 31

Clothing (clean and dry) No charge
Computer* Free for residents, charities, schools, and businesses (w/ less than 10 employees)
Computer (truck loads)* $0.29/pound for all others that are not a covered entity (listed above)
Construction and demolition waste $145 per ton, pro-rated
$15 minimum charge for up to 100 lbs.
Digital converter boxes* $5 each
DVD players* $5 each
Electronics/Stero Equipment* $5 each
Fax machines* $5 each
Fluorescent lights*

Fluorsecent tubes - first 10 are free.  More than 10 - 25ยข per every two linear feet
Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs (CFL's) - Free

Food waste See Project C.O.W.
Game consoles* $5 each
Latex Paint Free - 10-can limit per visit.  If hardened or solidified, can be thrown in household trash.
Low-grade, non-recyclable paper See Project C.O.W.
Mattresses and upholstered furniture

Twin/Full mattress or box spring - $12.50

Queen/King mattress or box spring - $20

Upholstered Chair - $15

Upholstered Sofa - $20

Sleeper Sofa - $25

Mercury containing devices* No charge
Microwave ovens* $10
Motor oil* No charge
Oil filters (auto and light truck size)*

No Charge

Oil filters (heavy equipment size)* $0.50 each
(No charge to do-it-yourself residents)
Oil Based Paints, Urethanes, Stains, Enamels* Free - 10 gallon limit per visit
Personal digital assistants* Free
Propane Tanks (up to 1lb.) $1 each
Propane Tanks (1 - 20lb.) $10 each
Refrigerators, dehumidifiers, A/C units* $15 freon removal fee
Scrap metal* $5/load (Subject to Change)
Swap items (see Swap Shop page for details) No charge
Telephone No charge
Televisions* First seven pieces are free. More than seven pieces - free for residents, charities, schools, and businesses (w/ less than 10 employees); otherwise $10 each
Textiles (clean and dry) No charge
Tires (up to 16-inch) $3
Tires with rim $6
Larger tires Call for fees

$3.00/bag (32-gallon or smaller) for up to 3 bags.

More than 3 bags - $15.00 minimum charge for up to 100 lbs.

$145.00 per ton (pro-rated) for more than 100 lbs.

VCRs* $5 each
Yard Waste (brush and leaves) $100 per ton
$10 minimum charge


Download a copy of WSWMD Recycling/Disposal Fees.

We have a Swap Shop on site where items can be brought for swap - either passed on or picked up to bring home. For more details, check out the Swap Shop link on the Main Menu to your left. Swapable items are free - if they are good enough for family or friends, they are good enough for us!

Access stickers:

Access stickers are valid for one year beginning July 1st, through June 30th of each year. The sticker lets you access the facility for all of your recycling and solid waste needs. They cost $35.00 each and can be purchased right at the scalehouse at the facility when you bring trash. You may bring your sticker with you when you come to WSWMD. It does not have to be affixed to your vehicle.

No prorated stickers will be sold. We also sell a day pass for $10.00 - it is good for one day.

Note: The following hazardous waste products are collected on Old Ferry Road, year 'round, daily for residents only. We cannot accept the following waste from businesses at the Convenience Center:

  • used motor oil (non-contaminated, fresh from the engine, no gas or water or antifreeze mixed in)

  • latex paint, oil-based paint, shellacs, lacquers, varnishes, enamels, stains, urethanes, aerosols, waterproofing, metal coatings, rust preventatives, and field and lawn paints

  • rechargeable batteries and lead-acid batteries

  • button cell batteries (NiCd, Zinc, etc.), alkaline batteries

  • thermostats & thermometers that contain mercury

  • used medical needles

  • fluorescent light bulbs & ballasts

  • computers, televisions, and cell phones